Good for Business recently launched Message And Purpose (MAP)

Like Good for Business, Message And Purpose (MAP) is driven by the realization that businesses aren’t just brands to be built, but causes to be believed in.™ MAP is dedicated to helping businesses, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and change agents realize their purpose or ‘why’, and then create a unique MAP that serves as a clear guide for making that purpose come to life for your culture, customers, community and other core constituencies.

Message And Purpose is not an ad agency, design studio, marketing consultancy, public relations outfit or traditional branding firm.MAP provides an immediate means of seeing if you are on track or veering off course. MAP helps inspire your culture to connect and communicate with a real sense of meaning and commitment. MAP shows the way for effectively telling your purpose-led story to your customers and constituencies.

Organizations, businesses and leaders can find their planning and communications drifting off course, straying from their authentic voice and often roaming through a wilderness of empty words, disconnected images, jargon and buzzwords resulting in pained expressions such as  ‘Where are we?’, ‘Who are we?’,  ‘Where are we going?’ all cued by the most important question—‘Why?”.

The route to meaningful, confident and even courageous communications starts at a place called purpose. Message And Purpose (MAP) is here to help you develop a guide for creating purpose-led plans and communications designed to move you nearer to your noble goal

We invite you to learn more about Message And Purpose by visiting the web site: